Supplier Center

​Good corporate responsibility secures the long-term success of Evoqua & creates lasting value

​When it comes to Corporate Responsibility, we intend to lead the way. An economically healthy company provides security for the future and jobs, and continuously works for the good of society and the environment. For Evoqua, Corporate Responsibility means providing outstanding and innovative products and services for society while fulfilling all ethical, economic, ecological and social responsibilities.

These goals apply in particular to our entire value chain. With a material cost contribution amounting to some 50% of our sales, Procurement has an important status at Evoqua. We are aware that, in conducting our global procurement activities, we exert a significant influence on the society and environment within our procurement markets. Sustainable economic management is therefore an integral part of Evoqua's procurement policy. For this reason, we expect our suppliers not only to contribute to Evoqua's economic success, but also to adhere strictly to our Code of Conduct for Evoqua Suppliers. Suppliers must also ensure that these binding rules are implemented and observed within their own supply chain.

It is our declared objective to work with our suppliers to ensure the sustainable implementation of the principles set down in the Code of Conduct for Evoqua Suppliers.