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Meet Ian Vilevac

Leadership Development Program Participant

Ian Vilevac, LDP, Operations, began his LDP journey in June 2022 as a Mechanical Engineer/Quality Analyst at our Thomasville, Georgia location. He recently moved to Indianapolis, Indiana for his second rotation where he will focus on Supply Chain.

Ian’s greatest lesson from his time as an LDP has been to respect the role and utilize it to gain additional experiences. “By setting up a meeting with a manager or director as an LDP, it can get your foot in the door for projects and work that you may be interested in that provides more value to the business than you could have ever thought, he said."

" Do not be afraid of utilizing the LDP program to help push you along and gain as much information as possible. "

Ian Vilevac | LDP, Operations

“The biggest standout experience I have gained is leading the implementation of a warehouse and production scanning solution from scratch to the go-live phase, he said. “This allowed for experience in communication with all levels of employees, financial analysis, and change management.”

As part of the LDP Operations track, Ian will be leading strategic projects in manufacturing, operations, and quality management

When asked what his advice would be for other recent college graduates looking for a job, he said, “most seniors do not really have an idea of what they want to do within their field. You may have experience working in your field of choice and like some classes more than others, but when you get into the work force, those preconceptions may shift. My best advice is to get into a job where you can gain a wide range of experience in your field of choice. You’ll discover tasks and kinds of work you dislike doing, but also are more likely to find the best fit for your skill set, personality, and career goals.”

Ian will conclude his time as a LDP in June 2024. At that point, he will be placed in a full-time opportunity based on business needs and his career aspirations.

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