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AAMI ST108 – Water for the Processing of Reusable Medical Devices

Ensure your sterile processing department is ready for this new standard

Are you ready for AAMI ST108?

The current AAMI TIR34 guidelines for water in the sterile processing department (SPD) will soon be replaced with a new standard, AAMI ST108: Water for the Processing of Reusable Medical Devices. The AAMI ST108 standard is currently in development and will have a strong emphasis on proper water system design, monitoring, testing and maintenance. Since this standard is coming soon, it is important that your SPD is adequately prepared.

Partner with Evoqua to prepare for AAMI ST108

As a leading provider of water treament solutions with world-class water expertise, Evoqua is ready to assist you with preparing for the new AAMI ST108 standard. We can provide a free evaluation of your water system with recommendations to meet the new standard. 

Evoqua’s Vantage® SPD Solutions are specifically designed to produce water that meets AAMI water quality specifications by integrating water purification, distribution, and data monitoring for reliable performance. This ensures consistent water quality for your sterile processing department, maximum uptime, and water system performance data for accreditation surveys*.

*Water system performance data only available when purchased with a qualifying service package.