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eBook: Sustainable Water for Food and Beverage Processors

Sustainable water processes from ingredient water to wastewater reuse and green energy capture


Food production of all types requires vast amounts of water. Every stage of processing requires different water. Whether it’s organic waste from meat processing or spent grains and stillage from brewing and distilling, the end of every process is a high-strength organic wastewater that must be treated to compliance.


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Pure water as an ingredient, disinfection and boiler feedwater, other process and utility water for washing and rinsing, all end in the waste stream to be treated and discharged.

But what if you could reduce the demand of source water, reuse waste water and use that waste as energy? Evoqua Water Technologies provides solutions that not only treat waste and wastewater to meet or exceed effluent requirements, those solutions can also capture biogas that can be used for energy, and treat wastewater for water reuse.

Sustainability is a core value at Evoqua Water Technologies, now Xylem, and we pride ourselves in helping customers effectively meet or exceed their sustainability goals. Our systems can be configured for applications in a range of sizes.

You'll find case study summaries of successful sustainable practices or solutions in various food processing markets such as brewing/distilling, food processing, confectionery and dairy. Distinct applications range from disinfection to biogas capture for energy reuse.

We also provide links to webinars on the topic, and each case study has a link for more in-depth information. Use this eBook as a reference as you:

  • Create a new system,
  • Upgrade an existing system,
  • Research your plan to effectively employ water and energy reuse in your process.

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