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Reducing Costs and Environmental Impact Using Rotary Press Dewatering Technology at Breweries

Fast growing breweries can be faced with steep economic and environmental costs due to disposal of their spent process water. Stringent regulations regarding wastewater streams, corporate social responsibilities, and transportation costs have been driving increased investment in the wastewater process.

The Challenge

With transportation costs rising significantly, the current process of transporting waste sludge has become too costly. In addition, breweries have a priority to reduce the carbon footprint and create a sustainable solution for water reuse.

Evoqua’s Solution

Evoqua’s innovative rotary press product delivers a solution designed to dewater waste sludge, lower the carbon footprint, reduce water usage, and provide clean filtrate. Evoqua’s Rotary Press technology is easy to operate and has minimal downtime and maintenance making it the ideal solution for any brewery. In addition, the system can reduce sludge transportation costs and annual discharge requirements to local wastewater treatment plants, allowing superior sustainability with lower energy and water consumption.

Attainable Results

An Evoqua Rotary Press system can require less than 7HP overall energy consumption, achieving superior performance compared to conventional dewatering options. In some cases, breweries will now be able to reduce transportation costs by an estimated greater than $200,000 per year (for a 500,000 bbp capacity) with our dewatering solution. The simple design and small footprint allow breweries to locate the rotary press with the existing facility without the need for added square footage.

Beyond this tangible financial benefit, Evoqua’s rotary press is also fully automated with minimal maintenance and support required equating to labor minimization and increased throughput for driving profitability at the site.