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Frontier Water Systems®

Premium engineered equipment packages for high rate treatment of selenium, nitrate, and metals

Frontier Water Systems are used to help heavy industry and municipalities tackle some of the most difficult water treatment challenges, allowing them to maintain clean lakes and rivers as a top priority, while delivering the natural resources and electricity we all need.

These systems have set a new standard for biological water treatment equipment. The innovations required to achieve this goal had to be revolutionary, not incremental. The product line of advanced bioreactors offered today represents years of focused work, experience, and data to provide customers with efficient, affordable, easy to operate systems that comply with dynamic effluent standards.

The Frontier brand first deployed the SeHAWK® Mobile bioreactor in 2014 followed by the inaugural SeHAWK® FGD system in 2016. Developed in 2018, the SeHAWK® Link represents the next innovation in the product lineup. Demonstrated success and performance has made Frontier Water Systems brand equipment an industry standard and recommended product for selenium, nitrate, mercury, and metals treatment.

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