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Magneto is the number one choice of anodes for swimming pool treatment worldwide

Disinfection is vital to ensuring the safety of our swimming pools and keeping them open for bathers to enjoy. Onsite generation of chlorine is one of the most effective ways to disinfect pool water to avoid the growth of potentially harmful pathogens. Magneto’s anodes have been playing a vital role in this technology for decades.

As a result of our anodes working to produce hypochlorite onsite, swimming pool operators reap safety and cost benefits from not having to handle and store harmful chemicals. Furthermore, there is no risk over overdosing chlorine, so water quality is improved.

Magneto offers ruthenium MMO coated anodes for in-line electrolysis of swimming pool water, and brine electrochlorination systems typically used in larger pools and aquatic parks. These anodes are generally used under reversal of polarity conditions. Through extensive test and development, we have the optimal composition for pool water disinfection. Also, our anodes are suitable for use in low salinity (typically 1-2 g/L NaCl) pools.

Today, our anodes are delivering significant benefits for operators worldwide. A long-life span, cost efficiencies, low energy consumption and global manufacturing, service and support, make Magneto the number one choice.

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