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Vung Ang 1 Power Plant, Vietnam

Coal fired nuclear power plant in Vietnam uses Dual-Flow traveling water screens for uninterrupted cooling water


The challenge at this coal fired nuclear power plant was to install a sea-to-plant water filter system. The purpose was to filter uninterrupted cooling water for the plant and to remove any encountered debris and prevent condenser blockage.

Additionally, the intake channels needed to permit isolation for preventative maintenance.



It was decided that sea water would first flow through a two-stage intake system with course screening bar racks. These would be cleaned by an automatic grab rake. The system would follow with a fine stage provided by dual flow traveling water screens cleaned with a filtered spray water system, along with controls for automatic operation.

Evoqua provided the design and engineering of the necessary equipment, and provided the logistics from the manufacturing site in the USA to the power plant. Evoqua also oversaw the construction and installation of the equipment. Our experts remained on site for the commissioning and start-up and provided guidance on the control systems.

Each intake channel processed


The result of Evoqua's expertise and world-class product line was an uninterrupted flow of essential cooling water at a rate of 237,600 m3/h (1,046,125 gpm) - exceeding the original flow requirement.