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Clean Water Keeps Guests Coming Back to this Wave Pool

Commitment to safe water is one reason why Wellenfreibad remains a frequented summer time destination


The "Wellenfreibad", a wave pool, at Lake Constance is open from the middle of May to the middle of September. The leisure pool with a total water expanse of 1400 square meters is located in a tourist area. It offers a large wave pool and is highly frequented during the summer time. On peak days there are up to 3000 visitors; in average 2000 people a day.

The source water for the pool comes from the very clean waters of Lake Constance. Although the municipal drinking water does not require disinfection, this aquatic facility uses filtration, disinfection and chemical feed systems to meet regulations and keep the water safe for leisure use.

The renovations of recent years are now complete: two sand filters were replaced in 2007 by four activated carbon filters, therefore, a larger circulation pump was necessary. During the winter break of 2009–2010 additional installations were made.

Amongst others the operators, the city of Friedrichshafen, constructed a larger children's pool. In this context, the pool cycles were separated. In 1990, the first Wallace & Tiernan® electrochlorination system was installed. The OSEC®-B system that was installed had been operating with a capacity of 2.1 kg of chlorine per hour and a higher capacity was now needed. As part of the project, a new OSEC B-Pak tubular cell electrolytic system was installed which included necessary changes to the pipe work system.

The responsible operation manager, Andreas Fehrmann, confirmed: "Basically we were satisfied with the OSEC-B system in reference to economics, service and maintainability. During 20 years of operation it was a reliable system."

" Basically we were satisfied with the OSEC-B system in reference to economics, service and maintainability. During 20 years of operation it was a reliable system "

The responsible operation manager, Andreas Fehrmann


In May 2010 a new OSEC® hypochlorite generation system was installed. As the facility is closed during the offseason, and must be operational each spring, the replacement had to be done in a short amount of time. The skid-mounted design complete with control panel makes for a easy installation. The OSEC-B system has been replaced by the OSEC B-Pak system, producing a higher capacity in the same footprint. Less than 3 kg salt per kg chlorine is needed. The energy consumption is even lower: in average 4 kWh per kg chlorine.

The hypochlorite solution is injected into the recirculation water automatically based on signals from the DEPOLOX® pool controllers. When chlorine demand in the water is low, the system automatically goes into Economic mode to conserve chemical usage.



Andreas Fehrmann points out the high efficiency of the system. The operating costs of the leisure pool are now lower. In his view it is positive that the handling of chemicals is no longer needed.

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