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Electric Generating Station Maximizes Plant Efficiency

Xcel Energy reduces costs and saves capital by choosing off-site regeneration services


Xcel Energy is a leading provider of electricity and natural gas to customers in the Midwestern US. As part of their expansion plans for the Comanche Station, a coal-fired electric generating station located in Pueblo, CO, Xcel Energy contacted Evoqua Water Technologies to explore cost effective solutions for their water treatment needs. ​

To maximize plant efficiency, the plant ch​​ose deep-bed ion exchange resin-based condensate polishers. This design typically requires a capital intensive resin regeneration station, chemical storage/handling, waste neutralization/disposal, and plant labor.



Evoqua provided Xcel Energy with a service-based option to regenerate their condensate polisher resin off-site at a regionally located Evoqua's regeneration facility. Off-site regeneration services provide Xcel Energy with several cost benefits when compared to on-site regeneration, including preservation of capital by eliminating the need for a regeneration/neutralization system, elimination of fluctuating costs associated with chemical and waste handling, and optimization of manpower by keeping staff focused on Xcel’s core business.


Xcel Energy preserved capital by implementing a service-based solution for handling their condensate polisher resin regeneration needs. Use of off-site regeneration services improves manpower utilization as well as site and personnel safety by eliminating the need for chemical storage and waste handling.

Evoqua's local service technicians provide on-site supervision for the removal of spent resin and replacement with freshly regenerated resin in a safe and compliant manner. A spare charge of resin is maintained off site to reduce turnaround time and to provide a safety net against emergency upsets. Additionally, Evoqua provides prompt resin analysis services that help determine the best regeneration processes to ensure that Xcel Energy receives consistent, reliable, and guaranteed resin performance.