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Chemical Reaction Systems: RX/RXP Series

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RX (FRP tanks) and RXP (HDPE tanks)

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Discontinued product

RX (FRP tanks) and RXP (HDPE tanks)

Discontinued product


The two tanks are designed to work in series for metals precipitation and metals removal. Water will be pumped or flow by gravity into the first tank and then on to the second tank. From the second tank the water flows either to the concentration tank of a microfilter or into the flocculation chamber of a clarifier or other separation device.

The basic reaction system configuration has each tank equipped with one mixer, one chemical feed pump, one pH probe and one pH transmitter.



  • Fully assembled at the factory
  • Factory tested
  • Units are either skid-mounted or catwalk integrated
  • Units are match marked for ease of reassembly
  • Integrates with other Evoqua offered wastewater products, such as clarification and microfiltraion systems