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Drive Over Spill Berm Containment

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Perfect Solution for secondary liquid containment.

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Discontinued product

Perfect Solution for secondary liquid containment.

Discontinued product


Drive over spill berms are fabricated using high strength, UV & chemical resistant geomembranes. Containment berms incorporate high quality foam or fabricated metal "L" braces to provide containment but allow for easy access to secondary containment on construction sites and K314oil & gas locations. Spill berms are fabricated to be reusable and long term solutions for secondary containment applications around frac tanks, generator pad, refueling trucks, etc.



  • Ease of assembly and disassembly
  • Durability
  • Next day shipping available on select sizes
  • Collapsible panels for compact transportation
  • Variety of configurations available


  • Spill Berms—a permanent or temporary system around tanks containing oil, fertilizer, water, etc.
  • Secondary containment
  • Fire protection water storage
  • Water clarity dams
  • Truck washing stations