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Carbon Services

Carbon adsorption is a proven method of contaminant removal utilized throughout industry.

Applications are either liquid-phased or vapor-phased applications, meaning that contaminants are removed either from water or vapor using equipment specific for each application.

Evoqua stocks a wide range of effective carbons for nearly every application. It also deploys a wide range of services in support of its customers and their applications.

From onsite carbon exchange services, media, and vessel exchange, Evoqua provides the follow-up and continued carbon services to ensure compliance, consistent uptime and process continuity.

We warehouse an extensive inventory of carbons. From paper bags to bulk bags and carbon drums, we provide the quality and quantity necessary for your application.

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Replacement Media and Vessel Exchange for Carbon Services

Based on your treatment goals, flow rate, and other requirements, Evoqua can provide a range of effective medias and vessels to meet your requirements to maintain your compliance. 

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