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Algae Removal and Control

Solutions to meet compliance, improve water clarity, and address odor issues for water and wastewater treatment systems

Algae is a growing concern for many waterways with the potential for harmful algal blooms (HAB) to occur producing dangerous toxins that can impact ecosystems along with taste and odor of drinking water supplies. Algae forms in waters that are rich in nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and iron. Warmer water may help algae grow quicker, forming blooms which can appear as scum or foam on the water surface and in different colors. In fresh water, such as lakes and rivers HAB’s are most commonly formed from cyanobacteria and are often called blue-green algae because of their color.

In Municipal Water and Wastewater treatment applications, high phosphorus levels can contribute to algae growth. This growth can occur in aerated lagoon systems, lakes or ponds creating a high level of total suspended solids (TSS) resulting in treatment upsets, permit compliance issues. Surface scum, poor water clarity and odor challenges.



Evoqua can help address nutrient removal challenges contributing to algae growth with Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system effective separation technologies designed to remove (TSS). Our ballasted clarification technologies can help meet stringent total phosphorus (TP) limits in small plant footprints with the ability to handle wide fluctuations in feed TP and (TSS). concentrations, as well as wide swings in flow rates and treatment demands. We also offer a broad range of cover solutions designed to help control algae and odors for wastewater lagoons, clarifiers, sludge ponds, aeration systems, equalization and pre-treatment tanks, chlorine contact basins, sedimentation tanks, as well as potable water tanks.

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