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Salt Water Disposal Well Filtration Solutions

Solving water quality issues while reducing maintenance & labor costs

" For every barrel of oil produced an average of  3 to 5 barrels of water are produced.   "

A salt water disposal (SWD) well is a disposal site for water produced as a result of the oil and gas extraction process. Produced water, also referred to as salt water, contains particulate which can cause problems for the pump bringing water into the well. Prior to injection into an SWD well, it is highly beneficial for water filtration to be installed before the pump to prevent damage.

Environmental agencies have regulations that vary by region to closely monitor the water disposal at SWD wells. While there are several factors to consider and varying levels of treatment necessary per well, some form of water treatment is required prior to injection into the well. Along with environmental concerns, improving the efficiency of the oil production process, as well as minimizing costs are becoming increasingly important. 

Evoqua’s screen filters provide automatic cleaning and require very limited maintenance, unlike bag filters that require frequent replacement and manual labor. Screen filters also do not have to be taken off-line to backwash, whereas bag filters must be taken off-line further slowing down production. Bag filter disposal creates additional challenges, including environmental and safety concerns, whereas Evoqua’s screen filters pose minimal risk to the environment and service personnel.

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