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Industrial Water Reuse and Recycle: Where to Start

Learn where to focus your water recycling and reuse efforts within your facility.

Clean water is the world’s most precious resource. As growth has increased the demand for water, industrial plants are investigating alternate water sources and sustainable water use in order to decrease costs, reduce the size of the plant’s water footprint, and be conscientious members of a community. In some instances, sustainable water use helps industrial plants avoid penalties and negative publicity.

Reusing or repurposing some or all water streams in industrial plants is clearly the path forward but knowing where to start can be a significant and confusing challenge.

In this webinar, we will identify the common drivers for reusing or recycling industrial water streams and will discuss where and how industrial plants can reduce their water footprint. As there are many solutions available, this webinar will provide you with insight and clarity as to where to focus your water recycling and reuse efforts within your facility.

Learning Objectives

  • Review and understand the recycle/ reuse water drivers
  • Review the three primary steps in a water reuse project
  • Identify opportunities within your plants to reuse and recycle water and wastewater
  • The solutions to achieve reuse and recycle goals

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About the Presenters

Hari Gupta, Director of Applications Engineering, Evoqua Water Technologies
Hari Gupta is Director of Applications Engineering for Heavy Industry at Evoqua Water Technologies. He has 44 years (40 years with Evoqua) of water and wastewater treatment experience, including process design; system configuration and design; cost estimation with focus on lifecycle costs; and service offerings, such as mobile and land-based systems). Hari holds an MS in Chemical Engineering from University of California at Berkeley.

Scott Berum, Business Manager, Power Market, Evoqua Water Technologies
Scott Berrum is the Business Manager for the Power Market Vertical at Evoqua Water Technologies. He has more than 25 years of water treatment experience, with positions in business development, product management, and applications engineering and previous employment with Siemens, US Filter, Polymetrics, and Di-Sep Systems. Scott holds a BS in Engineering Physics from Oregon State University.