Ozone Systems

Residual-free disinfection, oxidation & sanitization across applications

Ozone is one of the most powerful commercially available oxidizing and disinfecting agents. Oxidation and disinfection occur when ozone comes into contact with substances, including microorganisms (viruses, molds, and bacteria), as well as organic and inorganic compounds (metal ions, plastics and rubbers). Ozone gas quickly dissolves in water, contacts with wetted surfaces, and then decomposes back to oxygen in solution, leaving effectively no residuals in the treatment stream. 

Highly Effective Sanitizer

Often reducing microbial counts by 5-6 log in 2-3 minutes

Safe & Controlled Process

Effective at very low residual levels

Generated On-site

No chemical handling, storing or disposal requirements – ideal replacement for ‘Clean-In-Place’ (CIP) process applications

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