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Our Handprint

Sustainably supporting customers, communities, and the environment

Evoqua transforms approximately 100 billion gallons of water every day with our products and services. This is over 4.5 times the amount of water flowing over Niagara Falls every single day.

Customer Sustainability

One lens through which we look at our environmental impact is through the products and services we provide to our customers.

We transform approximately 100 billion gallons of water every day with our products and services to 38,000 customers and ensure quality water resources, positively impacting health and safety at over 200,000 customer sites worldwide. Enabling our customers to become more sustainable through our solutions and service allows us to mitigate water and climate risk via water efficiency, ensuring sufficient water quantities of the highest quality.

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Driving Innovation For A Sustainable Future

Advancing our handprint requires our continued commitment to innovation. 

At Evoqua, we surpass the status quo by providing innovative solutions that connect customers and communities to the circular loop of water demand and supply.​ We are expanding outsourced water solutions with connected products enabling remote management, monitoring, and diagnostics to drive performance, value, and efficiency. We have over 1,700 patents and trademarks to solve critical water challenges. ​

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Evoqua Water Sustainability Award 

Evoqua Water Sustainability Award recognizes customers for their excellence in water stewardship.

The award, now in its fifth year, highlights customers for their use of new or existing technologies in innovative, sustainable ways as well as customers that have made significant strides in water and energy efficiency. Each year, the award is presented in recognition of World Water Day, March 22. Evoqua employees nominate customers from our 38,000-customer base for exhibiting excellent water stewardship and demonstrating sustainable strategies around community impact, water and energy efficiency, and environmental protection.

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