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Sustainability & Innovation Hub

Driving innovation to build sustainable water solutions

The Hub will provide a path for future expansion of Evoqua's sustainable products and solutions while creating opportunities for collaboration with strategic partners.

Transforming Water. Enriching Life.®

Water scarcity, emerging contaminants in water, and climate change are growing concerns around the world, impacting individuals, enterprises, and governments. These immense challenges can seem overwhelming. But at Evoqua Water Technologies, these are issues we work to solve daily by providing water treatment solutions to communities, companies, and organizations worldwide to build a more sustainable water system.

We believe that clean water is a fundamental right; therefore, sustainability is a core value within our organization. We are dedicated to developing and delivering sustainable solutions to help our customers and communities protect the world's most valuable resource — water.

To support efforts in developing cutting-edge and sustainable water treatment technologies to address critical water challenges, Evoqua has recently announced the establishment of its Sustainability and Innovation Hub. This new facility will serve as our center of excellence for research and innovation, addressing emerging water trends, including climate change, connectivity, and health and safety.


Connecting Technology and Innovation

The Sustainability and Innovation Hub is located in the Lawrenceville Tech Forge facility, part of Pittsburgh's urban technology park. An ideal choice, as this area is a hotbed for innovation in the region and conveniently located close to our world headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh. The 18,000 square-foot facility features a hands-on demonstration and training area, pilot testing capabilities, and a state-of-the-art laboratory, increasing our analytical and feasibility study capabilities.

The Hub focuses on elevating Evoqua's connected, digital technologies, enhancing our waste-to-value treatment systems, and furthering the development of solutions to address emerging contaminants. The collaborative workspace is designed to efficiently analyze our customers' water quality to provide optimal, sustainable treatment solutions, illustrating our commitment to delivering excellence to our customers.


Our Commitment to Today and Tomorrow

The establishment of the Sustainability and Innovation Hub aligns with Evoqua's strategy for success through sustained investment in research and development to help solve some of the world's most challenging water issues. Our vision for the Hub is to bring together technologies and innovative thinking to develop solutions that will empower our customers and help them respond to today's critical water challenges.

Learn more about Evoqua's Sustainability and Innovation Hub here.

Sustainability & Innovation Hub

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