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Renewable Energy

Our commitment and alignment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the energy transition

At Evoqua sustainability is at our core and a part of our key values. We bring together innovative technologies and engineering expertise to make a positive impact to our customers as we help the achieve their sustainability goals, and our communities.

We partner with food and beverage, municipal, agricultural, and downstream refining industries with solutions such as anaerobic digestion, digestate treatment, nutrient removal, biogas collection and upgrading.

With 3,000 anaerobic installations worldwide treating industrial processing wastewater and organic waste, Evoqua is a world-leading wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy technology solution provider.

We can provide the anaerobic digestion technologies and associated equipment and processes to produce biogas, which can be upgraded to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), for various food, beverage, and agricultural-based feedstocks and wastewaters.  We also have further equipment and technologies to treat the digester effluent to meet strict effluent discharge limits, including for recycle and reuse, as well as nutrient removal and/or nutrient recovery for reuse.

Within the energy sector, we support HVDC platforms for the generation of renewable electricity. Green Hydrogen is becoming increasingly important in addressing the energy challenge that we will face by 2050. Our solutions support the generation of hydrogen through the provision of Anodes for electrolysers, and treatment solutions for ultrahigh purity feed water.

Sustainability is the foundation of our design and construction process, and innovative research and development is the building block of our many successful projects around the world.

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