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Traveling Water Screens For Nuclear Power Plants

Screening systems and related equipment and services for nuclear power plants

Traveling water screens and their assembly systems are the first filtration system for fossil-fueled and nuclear power plants, and other industries using raw water sources. Debris as large as tree trunks and as small as aquatic larvae can be screened from the water prior to plant entry. Seasonal adjustments can be made to the screening systems, from fine mesh screens for capturing small life, to heating elements for use in cold climates. Troughs of varying lengths are designed into many screening systems, to return fish and other aquatic life, back into their natural habitats, often up to a mile away from the assembly system.

Traveling water screens designed to your original plant designs and specifications

Original product specification is paramount in nuclear power and we have original equipment drawings dating back decades in order to maintain consistency in design and material. 

Evoqua also deploys a dive team with up-to-date site and safety certifications for all power sites including nuclear power facilities. They are utilized for installations, repairs and refurbishments above and below the waterline.

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