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Disinfection for Distribution Processes

Safe, reliable water treatment

Components and equipment that carry potable water from a centralized treatment plant or wells to the point of use require a safe and reliable water supply. Public water systems that use surface or ground water under the direct influence of surface water are required to disinfect water.

Most treatment plant operators chlorinate water using either chlorine gas, liquid sodium hypochlorite solutions or dry calcium hypochlorite. Each of these disinfectants unleash the power of chlorine chemistry to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses, however public water utilities must meet strict requirements for dosing equipment and monitoring. A chlorine dose too low may allow regrowth of disinfectant-resistant pathogens, excessive biofilm development in distribution systems, or an unpleasant taste in the water. A chlorine dose too high may cause taste and odor problems, distribution pipe degradation, unnecessary disinfection byproducts, and health problems. 

Evoqua Water Technologies provides products, systems and solutions to meet regulatory compliance and ensure safe, reliable drinking water.

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