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Drinking Water Quality: Innovation in Chlorate Reduction

A webinar to explore evolving regulations on chlorate in drinking water and how Evoqua’s OSEC® system can deliver a low chlorate solution

New regulations from the Drinking Water Directive recognise the need to monitor additional chemical parameters, and although chlorate has been recognised for some time, more data has emerged about its toxicity.

Chlorate is a highly oxidized form of chlorine and disinfection by-product (DBP) that can form where bulk sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, or on-site electrochlorination systems are used for disinfection. While the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a chlorate limit of 0.7 mg/L (700 µg/L), the new regulations aim to address consumer concerns about the impacts of high concentrations on human health.

Through ongoing studies and laboratory field testing, Evoqua has researched how to reduce chlorate formation on-site with the OSEC® On-Site Electrochlorination system.

This webinar explores evolving regulation on chlorate in drinking water and how Evoqua’s OSEC® On-Site Electrochlorination system can deliver a low chlorate solution.


Watch the webinar on-demand to:
  • Gain practical insights on chlorate formation
  • Learn about the new Drinking Water Directive with regards to chlorate
  • Discover how Evoqua’s OSEC® system can deliver a low chlorate solution


About the Presenters

Ryan Flood
Global Product Manager, Evoqua Water Technologies

Ryan has a background in chlorination research and development and has been elected a member of the Product Stewardship Issue Team at the Chlorine Institute for the past 4 years working on task forces to update safety related documents and training for Chlorination. He has also been involved with the WEF Disinfection and Public Health Committee and AWWA and WEF Young Professionals.


Nigel Knight
Regional Sales Manager, Evoqua Water Technologies

Nigel has over 40 years of water and industrial wastewater treatment experience in the UK and the Middle East, including process design, project management, commissioning and sales. He has worked with the majority of UK aater companies and a wide range of industrial customers to offer solutions including; Disinfection, Demineralisation Pumping, Dissolved Air Flotation, Aeration, Settlementation/ Filtration and Dosing equipment.