Disinfection for Process Water

Safe & reliable drinking water purification equipment

The challenges to purifying process water are greater today than ever before due to complex contaminants, aging infrastructure, and funding constraints. The demand for cleaner drinking water is increasing while drinking water treatment facilities are under pressure to do more with less. Public safety and water quality cannot be compromised, so it is important to incorporate solutions that are proven to perform.  Evoqua has a broad portfolio of municipal drinking water treatment solutions to meet these growing demands for clean water. 

Water utilities require equipment to protect drinking water against:

  • Bacteria including salmonella and ecoli
  • Viruses including hepatitis A, norovirus, and rotavirus
  • Parasites including cryptosporidium and giardia.
  • And other pathogens

Municipalities and engineers from across the world seek the best treatment solutions to provide their communities with safe, clean drinking water day after day

Evoqua offers a comprehensive range of Wallace & Tiernan® gas feed chlorinators, on-site hypochlorite generation systems, UV systems, liquid feed, chemical induction, and chorine residual monitoring solutions. These technologies allow you to remove suspended solids, chemical compounds, organic and inorganic waste, and gases from your water. Whatever your facilitiy's water purification goals are, we have solutions to help you achieve them. For more than 100 years, Evoqua Water Technologies has been the market leader in providing respected expertise to help engineers and municipalities clean and purify the world's water.


Treating your process water with Evoqua means: 

  • Access to a vast portfolio of technology offerings for a complete treatment solution
  • Meeting the water demands of a growing population
  • Overcoming the threat of diminishing sources of available fresh water supplies
  • Treating challenging source water while meeting regulatory requirements with confidence
  • Delivering high performance water treatment at the lowest life-cycle cost

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