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Meet Bryce O'Neill

Leadership Development Program Participant

Bryce O’Neill, LDP, Operations, is currently an LDP in his third rotation. During his time as an LDP, he has worked as an RTS Engineer in Indianapolis, IN under Larry Buzan, Senior Director of Operations, and Eric Hoffman, Senior Engineering Manager; in Supply Chain Management in Tewksbury, MA under Joshua Scott, Senior Manager Supply Chain; and currently as an Integration Coordinator in Minneapolis, MN under Ethan Huhn, Senior Field Service Manager.

" I could tell from my second interview, that the leaders at Evoqua spoke the same language and had the same attitude that I did. It clicked for me that I wanted to be teammates with those who shared that ambition. "

Bryce O'Neill | LDP, Operations

Bryce’s greatest lesson from his time as an LDP has been to chase great mentors and opportunities over other factors like money, location, and status. “Those other variables come and go, but the experiences of working with exceptional leaders and tackling tough opportunities stay with you throughout your career,” he said.

“Find an industry that you are passionate about and be relentless in searching for a career within that field,” Bryce said. “It sounds cliché and it’s a tale as old as time but if you get to work with high character people in a field that you love, then you have truly hit the career jackpot.”

As part of the LDP Operations track, Bryce is gaining exposure to a variety of roles that are helping to accelerate his technical skills and business knowledge while providing opportunities to lead strategic projects in manufacturing, operations and quality management

Bryce will conclude his time as a LDP in May 2023. At that point, he will be placed in a full-time opportunity based on business needs and his career aspirations.

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