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About Credit Card Processing Fees


Evoqua may impose a fee for payments received via credit card. We impose a fee of 3% on the total transaction amount. This fee is not greater than our cost of acceptance. We impose a fee only where there are other payment methods offered by Evoqua.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When will this fee be in effect?

Our fee for credit card payments will go into effect in April 2022.

Does this fee apply to all payments from customers?

No, this fee only applies to payments made by customers where an alternate payment option exists.

Does this fee apply to customers in all US States?

No, due to regulations, customers in some states are not assessed a fee.

Does this fee apply to customers outside of the US?

No, this fee applies to companies with a Bill To address in the US only.

Does this fee apply to pre-payments?

You may be charged a fee for using your credit card to pay in advance.  We will work with you to provide alternate payment methods if a pre-payment is required.

Is the fee assessed before or after tax and freight?

These fees will be assessed at the invoice level after tax and freight, if applicable.