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Specialized coated titanium anodes for protecting liquid storage tanks

The integrity of storage tank bottoms is of utmost importance in industrial liquid storage farms. Whether storing oil, liquid petroleum, petrochemicals or other key liquids, it is vital that tanks are protected from external corrosion to maintain the effectiveness of the structures, preserving contents and maintaining the life of the tank.

Magneto’s specialized coated titanium anodes, in the form of wires, tubes, or rods are in widespread use globally on impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) applications for storage tank preservation.

Importantly, our range of market-leading anodes are fully customizable depending on the specific needs of each operator and storage tank application.

Our proven experience and innovative anode solutions, means operators can be confident in the reliability of our anodes and let them do the work of protecting their liquid gold, while saving them time and money.

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