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Florida City Chooses Turnkey Screw Pump Replacement Solution

Internalift® screw pumps increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance


The City of Fort Myers Wastewater Treatment Division includes two regional Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facilities with (6) 11 million-gallon-per-day (mgd) carbon steel Internalift Screw Pumps from Evoqua Water Technologies. These pumps were close to reaching their typical life expectancy of 20 years and not operating efficiently. Due to this, the city felt it prudent to replace the pumps to avert unexpected repairs and downtime. The city also wanted to consider pumps made of corrosion-resistant material to extend life.


The municipality contacted Evoqua Water Technologies to provide an onsite inspection to access the existing pump’s condition. A comprehensive proposal was prepared and accepted which included the installation of (6) Internalift Screw Pumps, ancillary materials and construction costs. Internalift Screw Pumps from Evoqua are designed to provide easy maintenance, prolong bearing life by lubricating critical components while in operation, improve efficiency, and confine odors. The Evoqua project team also provided a production and installation schedule allowing both treatment plants to remain in operation during construction.


Evoqua provided a turnkey project solution that included the removal and disposal of existing pumps and the supply and installation of new stainless steel Internalift Screw Pumps. By working with Evoqua, the City of Fort Myers was able to replace their pumps on time without site interruption.

Evoqua is the most comprehensive source for maintaining both Internalift and Externalift screw pumps. Services include the ability to repair, inspect, and provide complete turnkey replacement solutions.

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