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Onsite Water Treatment Solution Cleans up Dewatering Discharge

Temporary water treatment system from Evoqua's former Carbonair chosen for manufactured gas plant remediation project


The former coal gasification plant had operated from 1880 to 1950. The site located adjacent to a major river near a downtown area, was heavily polluted. Carbonair designed a custom water remediation equipment system to treat the contaminates.

Contaminants associated with the old coal gasification plant (primarily coal tars) had seeped into the ground and migrated thirty feet below the water table, into the river sand deposits. Environmental clean-up of the site involved excavation and treatment of 50,000 cubic yards of contaminated soils.

Excavation of the contaminated soils from below the water table next to a major river presented significant challenges. One of the challenges included the requirement for an onsite water treatment plant capable of handling the dewatering discharge.


Evoqua's former Carbonair furnished a 2000 GPM temporary water treatment system an oil/water separator and granular activated carconsisting of settling tanks,bon vessels. Carbonair also furnished all of the required pumps and interconnecting piping. The system was housed in a temporary sprung structure during the winter months, to prevent freeze-up.

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