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SCV Water Agency Selects Evoqua Vessels & Media For PFAS Removal

Vessels and media are selected to remove PFAS from drinking water

Santa Clarita is located about 35 miles north of Los Angeles. The Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (SCV Water) services nearly 74,000 customers and obtains about 50% of its drinking water through local groundwater aquifers. Positioned behind the William S. Hart community baseball and softball fields three two-vessel systems have been installed to remove PFAS from drinking water.


Evoqua Water Technologies and SCV Water began its partnership over 10 years ago when the Agency installed systems to remove perchlorate. The perchlorate ion exchange treatment system went live in May 2010. Since then Evoqua has been the exclusive resin exchange service provider.

The Agency has always been proactive in its approach to providing clean water, and is forward-thinking in its use of water-related technology. In 2019 prior to the California Department of Drinking Water and the California State Water Resources Control Board’s announcement of a revised drinking water Response Level for PFOA and PFOS, SCV Water had already made a pre-emptive move to expand its already-robust water treatment system. The Agency purchased four two-vessel systems from Evoqua, one of which removes perchlorate. The three remaining vessel systems are removing PFAS from the wells which had been decommissioned. Those wells are now back online, contributing clean water to the pipeline.

Where some communities will use carbon in their vessels, the Agency chose Ion Exchange (IX) resin which successfully removes PFAS because of its proven performance, and the long bed life providing the best value treatment solution. PSR2 Plus resin was one of two IX resins selected to treat for PFAS at this site. Combined vessel systems can process up to 6,000 GPM. Bringing the three wells back into service will mean drinking-quality water for up to 5,000 families.

" We’ve worked with Evoqua for a long time because they’re experts in their field, and we trust them. Their equipment and media have met and continue to meet or exceed our treatment goals. "

Matt Stone, General Manager