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Evoqua Responds to Need for Seasonal Potable Drinking Water

Mobile clarification system provides emergency nitrate removal for potable drinking water while meeting strict deadlines


The Sierra Conservation Center required extra raw water filtration capacity during their rainy season while reconditioning and repairs of their potable water treatment plant were completed. A series of heavy rains had increased the turbidity of the surface water to 80 NTU, unusable for drinking water and an immediate solution was required.


The solution from Evoqua Water Technologies consisted of equipment, installation, start-up, training and operation of a mobile clarification/filtration system. The combination of a trailer mounted clarifier and four multi-media filters provided 200 gallons-per-minute of efflu​ent meeting s​pecifications of <0.91 NTU for drinking water.


The Sierra Conservation Center had an emergency need and required Evoqua to meet their stringent delivery and start-up time of three days. Since the equipment from Evoqua Water Technologies is approved for use by the California Department of Health Services the project was quickly executed.