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Ultrafiltration Membranes

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Suez H Series Nanofiltration HL8040F-400

Material: W2T556751

The H-Series proprietary thin-film nanofiltration membrane elements are characterized by an approximate molecular weight cut-off of 150-300 Daltons For uncharged organic molecules. Divalent and multivalent ion rejection is dependent upon feed concentration and composition.

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Suez PW4040F30 Polyether Sulfone UF Membrane

Material: W2T540707

The P-Series family of polyether sulfone ultrafiltration membrane elements are characterized by a 20,000 molecular weight cut-off and greater than 96% rejection of Cytochrome-C (13,300 MW pro-tein). PW Elements are used For pretreatment of process water, post treatment of ultrapure water and For the removal of organics.

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