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Memclean MS High Solids

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This is a high solids clarifier, designed with a lamella style settler.

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Discontinued product

This is a high solids clarifier, designed with a lamella style settler.

Discontinued product


The Memclean® HS high solids clarifier is designed to flocculate and settle insoluble contaminants present in a wastewater stream. The unit is designed with a lamella style settler with a wide plate spacing to allow the system to handle high solids removal, up to 1,500 parts per million of total suspended solids. The unit can be provided as a stand-alone item or used in conjunction with other wastewater products such as a chemical reaction tank system, a filter press, etc.

For units rated for 100 gallons per minute or less, a Memclean HS clarifier consists of a rapid mix compartment, polymer flocculation section and the lamella style clarifier. The rapid mix tank is provided with a mixer to rapidly blend the polymer with the wastewater stream. The flocculation section includes an electrically driven, variable speed, slow speed mixer to enhance the proper growth of the flocculation particles. The lamella style clarifier includes an air operated diaphragm pump to periodically remove the settled solids from the bottom of the clarifier. For units that are rated for 150 gallons per minute or more, the rapid mix and flocculation tanks are optional.

Polymer from an optional chemical make-up tank is added to the wastewater in the rapid mix chamber. From the rapid mix chamber, the wastewater gravity flows to the slow mix chamber where polymer flocculation occurs. Following polymer addition and flocculation, the wastewater will flow by gravity through the inclined plate settler for the separation of the insoluble contaminants from the clear supernatant.

The supernatant from the clarifier will gravity flow out of the unit. The settled solids will be periodically removed from the bottom of the clarifier via an air operated diaphragm pump. The Memclean HS clarifier is manufactured from carbon steel with polypropylene constructed separator packs.



  • PLC controlled requiring less than 2 hours per day of operator attention
  • Components are shop fabricated that can result in in project completion as little as 16 -18 weeks
  • Guaranteed effluent quality with metal concentrations <2 ppm and TSS <15 ppm.
  • Integrates with other wastewater products