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Biogas Collection Covers

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Collect valuable biogas from anaerobic digestion with a gas collection cover.

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Discontinued product

Collect valuable biogas from anaerobic digestion with a gas collection cover.

Discontinued product


Custom-designed for tanks and lagoons of all sizes, Evoqua’s covers collect methane gas from wastewater treatment. The covers are gastight to contain odor and protect biogas from contamination. Insulated and non-insulated versions are available.

In waste-to-energy projects, the collected biogas can be used as a renewable fuel to generate process heat or electricity, helping offset energy costs. The covers are safe to walk on, allowing operators to sample tank or lagoon contents and perform maintenance.

For safe biogas handling, the gas collection cover is best operated by a Evoqua’s Geomembrane Technologies™​ brand biogas control system, which regulates biogas flow from under the cover.


Features & Benefits

  • ​​Built to withstand tough conditions and operate in any climate
  • Fabricated using strong, long-lasting materials to resist tears, punctures, chemicals, and UV rays
  • Built-in systems for drainage of rainwater and snowmelt
  • Insulated versions provide additional buoyancy
  • Help maintain consistent temperatures throughout anaerobic digestion
  • Installation and maintenance can be done without disrupting plant operation
  • Hatches and ports can be provided for simple access to mixers and other equipment
  • Advanced controls can be incorporated for biogas storage to optimize utilization in engines or boilers


  • Collect biogas to be converted into green energy
  • Control odors
  • Provide thermal insulation
  • Lower operating costs
  • Allow access for sampling and maintenance


Cover Type
  • Lagoons, Round Tanks, Rectangular Basins, Floating, Block Sunlight, Odor Control, Off gas Collection, Gas Treatment Option, Insulated Option