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Shutdowns & Turnarounds

For power producers, chemical plants and refineries, Evoqua has been on the shutdown and turnaround schedule for over 50 years. Our speed and expertise saves a company time and money with our vapor control, water treatment and intake services.

We ensure regulatory compliance and meet or exceed all safety requirements and regulations.

For a full explanation of the fundamentals of a successful turnaround, view our 30-minute webcast through Hydrocarbon Processing magazine. Click Here.

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Intake Services

For facilities that require large raw water intake with traveling water screen systems, we provide equipment support for capital and maintenance. Services we offer include inspections – top side and / or full dive, repair and refurbish of intake assemblies, screen repair – on or off-site – debris removal, mud pumping & well cleaning, radiological environment diving; inspection maintenance & repair, maintenance agreements and project management.

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Vapor Degassing Solutions

There are many industrial applications that require the thermal destruction of hazardous vapors. Tank farms at refineries or chemical production plants, marine liquid tankers, barges, rail tankers, underground and above ground storage tanks, all are vessels filled with vapors which can be considered volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and must be treated prior to being released into the atmosphere. 

Explosive vapors created by refined products, naphtha, benzene and other materials can be safely destroyed by the use of Evoqua's lineup of thermal oxidizers. Specific to tankers Evoqua utilizes its US Coast Guard compliant marine vapor control system.

Planned maintenance events, shutdowns and turnarounds at various types of industrial plants often require tank degassing and other types of vapor control services.

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Solids Handling

Heavy industrial sites often have ponds or lagoons that need dewatering. Whether they are contaminated with inorganic metals and other TOCs or they have other organic or biological solids that need dewatering Evoqua has the capability to clean up ponds or lagoons and bring your water into compliance.

Solids also settle to the bottom of tanks which need to be cleaned before reuse, and on-site wastewater facilities must remain in operation even during maintenance shutdowns. We have mobile solutions to degas the tanks and handle any of the wastewater sludges from tanks or biological solids from the wastewater plants.

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