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Microelectronics Service Solutions

Optimize your water system performance

Evoqua Water Technologies is a leading water solutions provider for the microelectronics market with the knowledge and expertise to effectively service your water and wastewater equipment.

Evoqua improves upon the traditional approach to service by leveraging decades of experience in water system design, an unmatched local service network and digital remote monitoring technology to deliver the quality and quantity of water you need – when you need it.

  • Best-in-class safety practices
  • Vertical market knowledge and expertise
  • Custom service plans to meet your needs
  • Local & regional stock of common parts
  • 24/7 remote monitoring with real-time visibility and response
  • Structured service technician training
  • Providing the largest service network in North America

Our Commitment to Safety

Our first and most important obligation is the safety of our employees and our customers. Evoqua’s safety process incorporates best-in-class techniques and tools to ensure safe working conditions.

Evoqua empowers all employees to work safely and prevent injuries. One of the primary tools we utilize to ensure safe working conditions is the TAKE 2 process.

The TAKE 2 process:

  • Assess the risk
  • Analyze how to reduce the risk
  • Act to ensure safe operation

Every Evoqua employee has the right, authority and responsibility to stop unsafe work. We also provide standard work instruction, conduct behavior observations and engage in daily safety discussions.

Evoqua is a member of ConstructSecure® Inc. with our safety statistics available for review.


Microelectronics Knowledge & Expertise

Evoqua has more than 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing ultrapure water systems (UPW) for microelectronics applications. We have kept pace with technology changes in this fast-paced industry, providing advanced water treatment technologies to help semiconductor companies reach their objectives.

We continue to invest in and are committed to supporting the semiconductor industry with technical expertise, our own in-house UPW systems and development of new technologies in our 1,700 square-foot Microelectronics Technology Suite.


Wide Range of Services

UPW systems require careful attention to preventative maintenance to prevent downtime. Evoqua provides parts and services for UPW systems to help you maintain your system for reliable operation.

In addition to offering a full range of waste treatment systems—hydrofluoric acid waste, ammonia waste, AWN, copper (CMP) waste, dicing and back grinding waste—Evoqua provides critical services to help you meet your discharge and sustainability goals.


System Audits

Is your UPW system performing as well as it can and delivering the quantity and quality you require? Evoqua can help by conducting a comprehensive system audit.

An Evoqua technical expert will inspect your overall process, existing equipment and gather key operating parameters and water analyses to develop a system model. A full system report will be provided with recommendations to improve performance such as water conservation, water quality, reliability, and operating costs.


Local & Regional Parts

Evoqua is your one-stop-shop for parts and resin with a central distribution facility in Rockford, IL and locally stocked critical spares at our 90+ branch locations in North America. This reduces risk from supply chain issues and ensures you have the parts you need.

Our Rockford, IL warehouse is the primary distribution center, stocking over 6,000 replacement parts and 600 batches of various types of ion exchange resin for semiconductor, nuclear, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and general industrial clients.


Service Technician Training

Evoqua service technicians go through a formal multi-tiered training program. This ensures reliable and consistent service performance across customer sites for peace of mind.

Evoqua’s best-in-class service team is there when you need us, with the knowledge, expertise and resources to keep your operation running smoothly

Digital Water Management

The Water One® services platform is a revolutionary, outcome-based, digital water management solution which combines Evoqua’s water expertise, proactive service, proven technology and data intelligence. This ensures your water treatment system is fully optimized by using technology to drive efficiency in operation and service.

UPW Distribution Trailer

The ultrapure water (UPW) distribution trailer is a robust water treatment solution for short-term high purity water applications. This mobile solution can provide temporary makeup water to keep production running during equipment failure, replacement, or facility expansion. It also increases the speed to market for new facilities by providing high quality water for rinsing applications.

Driving Sustainability

Evoqua is committed to helping the world be more sustainable through our solutions and in our operations. Sustainability is a core value at Evoqua that is driven by our culture and comes to life in our work:

  • We transform water for our customers, communities, and the planet
  • We embrace inclusion and diversity as primary catalysts for innovation
  • We are stewards of environmental health through our actions and conduct

Our offerings are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), allowing us to help our customers create a more sustainable future.


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