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Water Treatment Solutions For Food and Beverage Producers

From process water through wastewater treatment, Evoqua has water treatment solutions for each process in food and beverage production

Water-Related Process Solutions

We have a portfolio of water and wastewater solutions for food and beverage processors that dates back over 100 years, and we're proud to offer what we believe is the industry's most complete set of capabilities.

To meet your sustainability goals and to conserve resources we work with our processing partners to conserve and reuse water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create renewable energy from organic waste. We also supply proven solutions to mitigate emerging contaminants and solve local compliance challenges.

We are proud to transform the water that feeds our families and the world. How can we transform your water? Connect with us here.

Process Water

We provide comprehensive solutions and services to meet your process water treatment challenges. Whether your goal is expansion, cost control or compliance, our product experts will help you understand your water treatment options to minimize downtime.

Key Technologies:

Utility Water

We know that plant utilities must have the right water quality to run efficiently. Whether it’s filtration for particulate removal, disinfection or pretreatment for boilers or cooling tower makeup, our broad portfolio of water treatment products and services ensures we have the right solution to fit your facility’s specific needs.

Key Technologies:

Our expert service technicians can be scheduled for routine maintenance. They ensure minimum downtime and take the worry out of water.


We are proud to hold the industry’s strongest organic wastewater portfolio. From pH adjust (waste acid neutralization) to physical/chemical separation (Dissolved Air Flotation - DAF) to biological treatment (aerobic and anaerobic), Evoqua is fully equipped to deal with any organic wastewater challenge.

Key Technologies:

Ongoing Service Solutions

Process Water

Our service technicians keep production flowing. We ensure fresh water efficiency and reliability by treating water for its intended purpose based on your water chemistry. Services include carbon and resin exchanges, membrane cleaning and process troubleshooting.

Utility Water

We can reduce demand of fresh water. Managing heating and cooling loads represents a major opportunity in optimization of both water and energy efficiency. Cooling towers, hot water and steam boilers all present a natural opportunity for recycle and re-use.


We provide industry-leading expertise. In-house water-related expertise is on the decline. Wastewater treatment systems may have fewer moving parts but many food processors are outsourcing their wastewater operations, relying on wastewater experts, like Evoqua to meet their compliance and sustainability goals.

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