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Gravity Of Distillery Wastewater - Weighing The Options For Stillage

As a distiller your options for spent grains might be worth revenue to farmers as animal feed. We discuss the feed market as well as wastewater treatment options.

This is Part 1 of a series on the sustainability in distilling and brewing.

There are several different ways distillers and brewers can make use of their stillage. From landfilling, selling to farmers, or it can be used to take advantage of water reuse and/or the capture of biogas for energy. In this webinar, industry experts, dive into the different ways stillage can be used, and discuss various wastewater treatment options available to help turn your waste into profits while meeting sustainability goals, through water reuse, cleaner effluent and less landfilling.

Join Executive Director and CEO of the Distillers Grains Technology Council, Kurt Rosentrater, and Evoqua Water Technologies anaerobic digestion experts, Barry Reicker and Jose Molina.

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Pt I - The Gravity Of Distillery Wastewater

Part 1 of a series on Distillery and Brewery wastewater: We discuss the feed market as well as wastewater treatment options including biogas and green energy.

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