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Los Angeles Water Softener Company

For many years, L*A Water (also called The Los Angeles Water Softener Company, Inc.) provided a wide variety of water treatment systems. In the early 1990's, L*A Water became a part of the Evoqua Water Technologies of companies.

Some of the equipment supplied L*A by Water:

  • Aerators
  • Brine Softeners
  • Condensate polishers— sodium cycle
  • Deaerating heaters
  • Dealkalizers
  • Deaerators
  • Decarbonators
  • Degasifiers — vacuum
  • Deionizers (also referred to as demineralizers, cations, anions, two beds, separate beds and mixed beds)
  • Filters — including pressure tubular, granular media, gravity, diatomite, DFA Series, DFM Series, vacuum, VDF Series and other models
  • Hot process water softeners / hot lime softeners
  • Microfiltration Systems
  • Neutralization systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Softeners, also referred to as water conditioners or zeolite softeners, including the I-H series with multiple valves and multiport (solo type) vales, the L, LA, and LS series, the Servisoft SA, SAC, SAM, SMM Series, the Sudmaster models with the Imperial Customer, Premier, and Victor models; the Fullmatic with the T, C, and D, models, the Solomatic S Series models, and other types of softeners

We can supply replacement parts and consumables for your existing L*A Water or Los Angeles Water Softener Company branded systems. If you have an existing system and want to purchase replacement parts or an additional, identically constructed system, please provide a description of your existing equipment, drawings, and job number. We will research your existing system and provide a quotation.

We are also ready to modernize your existing systems with our current technologies, please contact us today for a quote.


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