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Penfield, Impulse, Penpure and LiquiPure Water Treatment Systems

​Founded in 1948, Penfield and its Impulse division provided many different types of water treatment systems. Penfield also sold systems labeled as Penpure Water Systems, Inc., Penpure Atlantic, Inc. and LiquiPure. In July 1994, Penfield became a part of the Evoqua Water Technologies family of companies.


Some of the equipment supplied by Penfield, Impulse, Penpure and LiquiPure:

  • Condensate polishers
  • Decarbonators
  • Degasifiers / vacuum degasifiers
  • Deionizers (also referred to as demineralizers, cations, anions, two beds, separate beds and mixed beds) Including the ISA Series, Series A and Series B units, including FRP styles and laboratory units
  • Filters— including granular media, pressure and other type of filters
  • High-purity water systems
  • LAB I PLUS water purification systems
  • Microfilters / microfiltration systems — Including the 1 WO series or models
  • Neutralization systems
  • Oil separators — Including the OLS series or models
  • Reclamation systems
  • Recycling systems — including the ALIR series or models
  • Regeneration systems
  • Reverse Osmosis systems – including the CE, XL, and XT series or models and pharmaceutical design and grade systems
  • Softeners (also referred to as water conditioners or zeolite softeners— including the ITA and IA Series and industrial grade
  • Ultrafilters and ultrafiltration systems

If you have an existing Penfield, Impulse, Penpure or LiquiPure branded system and want to purchase replacement parts or completely replace your system please provide a description of your existing equipment, drawings, and job number. We will research your existing system and provide a quotation for a new identically constructed system.

We are also ready to modernize your existing systems with our current technologies, please contact us today for a quote.



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