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Permutit Water Treatment Systems and Components

Since 1912 the Permutit companies provided a wide variety of water treatment systems. In January 1993, Permutit Company, Inc. and Pemtek Limited became part of the Evoqua Water Technologies family of companies.


Permutit systems and components include:

  • Automatic Valves Gravity Filters – AVGF
  • Brine Softeners
  • Chemical Feed Systems
  • Chevron Shape Tube Settlers
  • Clarifiers – Inclined Plate and Solids Contact
  • Condensate Polishers, including deep bed, sodium cycle, powered resin, and spherical
  • Condensate Softeners
  • Deaerators and Dearation Heaters – including the PAS Dearating Heaters, the SLH Deaerating Heaters, and the Tray Dearating Heater
  • De-alkalizers
  • De-carbonators
  • Degasifiers and Degasifier Tower – vacuum and forced draft degasifiers
  • Deionizers - also referred to as demineralizer, cations, anions, two beds, separate beds, and mixed beds – including the XP and NS Series
  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units, including the FAVAIR lamella DAF
  • Double Dish Underdrain Systems
  • Dual Velocity Strainers
  • Filters – CD Series Pressure Filters, Granular Media, Pre-coat, gravity, and others
  • Hot Ion Exchange Systems
  • Hot Process Softeners
  • Makeup Demineralizers – MUD systems
  • Multiport Valves
  • Neutralization Systems
  • Permutit™ Power Products for Nuclear Generating Stations
  • Precipitators
  • Sludge Thickeners
  • Softeners also reference as water conditioners or zeolite softeners including the CD Series Softeners
  • Permutit™ Spare Parts
  • Wedgewire Underdrain System

We can supply replacement parts and consumables for your existing Permutit™ systems. If you have an existing system and want to purchase replacement parts or an additional, identically constructed system, please provide a description of your existing equipment, drawings, and job number. We will research your existing system and provide a quote.

We are also ready to modernize your existing systems with our current technologies, please contact us today for a quote.


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