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How to Replace a Barrier® M UV Lamp

Follow the steps below to replace a UV lamp

Keep in mind the following instructions are meant to be a general guideline. Always refer to the owner's manual for your specific UV system.

Switch the UV disinfection unit off

Use the emergency OFF main switch and make sure the unit cannot be switched on again.

Remove the black end caps on both sides

Unscrew the securing screws. On the version with a manual cleaning mechanism the end cap is secured on one side by the cleaning mechanism. Proceed as follows: Pull out the handle, unscrew the handle and locking screw, and then unscrew the securing nut.

Ensure unit is not connected

Make sure unit is not connected to main power and free of voltage.

Release connection wires from terminals

Do this on both sides and if neccessary, remove the motor.

Unscrew the terminal mounting plate on one side

On the version with an automatic cleaning mechanism, the side without the motor should be used preferably as the service side.

Remove the spring

remove the used lamp from the quartz sleeve

Ensure that the lamps are always disposed of correctly.

Put on the supplied cotton gloves

Never touch the lamps with your bare hands.

remove the lamp from the packaging

New lamps are supplied in a box together with a cleaning cloth (part No. W3T166566) and instructions.

Clean the glass

Using supplied cleaning cloth or with alcohol. Never hold the lamp only at one end. Hold the lamp at both outer ends.

put the lamp back into the quartz sleeve

The connection wires of the lamp must be routed through the opening provided on the opposite side in the terminal mounting plate. Always keep the lamp in an horizontal position. The sealing point of the lamp which is immediately in front of the UV sensor may not show to the UV sensor.

Reinsert the spring

push connection wires through opening

On the mounting side, push the connection wires of the lamp through the opening on the terminal mounting plate and screw into place.

Connect the wire to the terminal

Push the terminal spring down using a slotted screwdriver until the wire can be inserted into the terminal.

Remount Motor if applicable

This only pertains to the version with an automatic cleaning mechanism.

Put the end caps back on

Push back onto the treatment disinfection chamber and screw into place.

Tighten screws

With the manual cleaning mechanism, tighten both the screwing screw and handle and locking screws.

Turn UV disinfection unit on

Use the emergency OFF main switch to do so.

Safety Tip
Defective lamps should only be replaced with brand new lamps. The lamps are always supplied in the original packaging and should not be unpacked until they are ready for mounting.