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Construction Site Water Treatment Webinar

Together with Coalition Companies, Evoqua lays out water treatment solutions at construction sites

Water is often found at construction sites. That water must be tested and if contaminants are found the construction schedule can be delayed. What are the solutions for water treatment at construction sites, and how are these unexpected delays and costs addressed?

Evoqua Water Technologies is the single-source for water treatment and Coalition Companies provides a detailed case study of a big problem gone right! Viewers learn how to build an effective team quickly with the correct players to acquire grants and other funding to mitigate some costs, and how to keep the construction on schedule. Evoqua provides the scope of solutions based on contaminant, treatment goals and more.

Construction Site Water Treatment Webinar

This webinar provides a detailed case study of a construction site on which PFAS was discovered, and the steps that were taken by the customer, and Evoqua to mitigate the contaminant to "non-detect".

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