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How Not To Ship 5 Gallons Of Slurry

To best size a filter press to your specific application we need a sample of your slurry. There's the good way to send a sample...and many not-so-good ways.

Customers who are looking for a dewatering solution need a filter press specific to their application. One measure is to check their slurry sample. A sample of slurry must be obained in five-gallon increments and shipped for analysis.

It will be analyzed for TSS and other qualities which will best determine the size of the filter press and type of cloth used. We have analyzed more than 12,000 samples of slurry from an exceedingly wide range of applications from food processing to wastewater treatment, chemical and pharmaceutical processes.

A five-gallon bucket of slurry is not always easy to ship. We show you how. We also show you what to avoid.

How To Ship 5 Gallons Of Slurry

Slurry to be tested must first be shipped to Evoqua's dewatering lab in Holland, MI. Here's how to best ship a bucket of slurry.

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