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Inside The MitiGATOR™ Mobile System

Water providers can schedule Evoqua's MitiGATOR mobile system for emergency or mobile contaminant mitigation for drinking water applications.

Evoqua's MitiGATOR mobile solution is designed for potable water applications. It is an ideal emergency and mobile solution for water producers who find contaminants in source water.

Based on the newly proposed EPA PFAS National Primary Drinking Water Regulation, Evoqua’s MitiGATOR mobile system is capable of meeting the updated rulemaking. Additionally, the EPA pre-publication notice names GAC and ion exchange resin as Best Available Technologies (BAT) for PFAS treatment.

Take a walkthrough and learn more about what Evoqua's MitiGATOR mobile system looks like and how it can benefit your community.

Walk Through Evoqua's MitiGATOR Mobile System

Take a tour of our mobile treatment system for potable water producers.

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