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Advances in Clarification Technology in Water and Wastewater Treatment

This webinar offers an overview of magnetite ballasted clarification systems

​​​​​​Magnetite Ballasted Floc Technologies can double the clarification flow rate of your existing plant or cut the capital cost of a new plant in half.  Evoqua Water Technologies webinar includes an overview of magnetite ballasted clarification systems.

Evoqua's Industrial CoMag® System  mixes magnetite into conventional chemical floc significantly increasing the specific gravity of the floc and causing it to rapidly settle in your clarifier.  

This proprietary clarification technology can dramatically increase the operating performance of existing plants--both the throughput and the quality of the clarified water--reducing phosphorus and heavy metals to below 0.5 mg/l and reducing total suspended solids to below mg/l. 

The heart of the CoMag® System can be easily integrated with your existing facilities avoiding the expense of new clarifiers and solving your current discharge challenges. 

When the CoMag® Technology is applied to new clarifier systems it can reduce capital cost by 50% and footprint requirements by 75%. In addition, a 20% operating cost savings for chemical have also been achieved in some plant operations due to the unique recycle system.

Advances in Clarification Technology

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