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Finding OPEX Savings in Your Filter Cake

The liquid sludge from municipal wastewater treatment has a high impact on disposal costs. Dewatering your slurry is a critical process in achieving a dryer sludge or filter cake. Ultimately, the dryer the cake, the more efficient your dewatering process is, enabling you to reuse more water while reducing your plants maintenance and operating costs. Balancing consumer pressures for a smaller environmental footprint and sustainable operations, as well as managing rising utility costs and evolving regulatory requirements, are ongoing concerns for plant managers.

Learn how your filter cake holds the key to permanently reducing your WWTPs total operating costs.

Learning Objectives:

  • A review of dewatering solutions and common challenges
  • How dryer sludge/cake yields improved profitability and water waste
  • Selecting and sizing a solution that best meets your needs, while keeping OPEX top of mind
  • Owning vs temporary treatment  – What you need to know
  • Case Study: Learn how this municipality reduced OPEX while meeting sustainability objectives with rotary press technology.

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