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Who Moved My Carbon? – New Opportunities with Primary Treatment

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to optimize energy, infrastructure and processes of wastewater treatment plants

The Captivator® system significantly increases the organic carbon diverted to digestion in lieu of aerobic oxidation resulting in dramatic energy savings and smaller aeration tanks. The innovative use of proven technologies makes the Captivator system an elegant solution that provides a great degree of sustainability and resource recovery for wastewater facilities.

The system turns an energy-consuming waste into an energy-producing commodity resulting in aeration energy savings and increased biogas production. Suitable for new or existing facilities; the Captivator System delivers reliable carbon diversion in a small footprint, without the need for additional sludge thickeners or chemicals.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn current trends in the industry for advanced primary treatment
  • Discover new technologies to enhance the primary treatment process
  • Learn how Carbon Management connects energy, infrastructure and process

Who Moved My Carbon? – New Opportunities with Primary Treatment

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About the Presenter

Sergio Pino- Jelcic, Technical Sales Manager for Biological Process Equipment, Evoqua Water Technologies

Sergio has over 19 years experience in the wastewater industry. He has held various technical positions in the United States, Italy, Spain and Chile.

He holds a MS degree in Civil & Environmental from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.