Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Protection against electrolysis & galvanic corrosion for sea-going vessels

Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) is an electrical process for protection against galvanic corrosion. ICCP systems can offer permanent and automatic protection for off-setting galvanic effects that cause corrosion and attack the wetted surfaces of mobile or fixed offshore structures and sea-going vessels. ICCP systems effectively treat corrosion on a metal surface by applying electrical current forcing an electrochemical reaction to occur that alters any corrosive reaction.

Evoqua’s cathodic protection experience dates back to the 1950s, with the introduction of the Capac® ICCP system.

An Alternative Solution to Sacrificial Anode Systems

The Capac system is a proven and reliable, long-term solution for corrosion prevention. The system is considered to be an excellent alternative to sacrificial anode systems that require frequent replacement and have higher fuel and maintenance costs. Over the years, our Capac systems have evolved technologically and remain a leader in the marine cathodic protection market, serving military, industrial and commercial needs. The Capac system is ideal for fixed platforms, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO), floating liquified natural gas (FLNG) facilities or mobile offshore structures.   

For over 40 years, Evoqua has also worked closely with system integrators to provide custom mixed metal oxide anodes to control galvanic corrosion, not only for seawater, but also for coke, sand, concret and freshwater applications. Anode components for these applications are available in various forms, including tubular, ribbon, wire, and expanded metals to best meet customer requirements.

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