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Choosing the Right Partner for Wastewater Treatment

When demand increases, regulations change, and plant equipment is reaching its useful life, municipal wastewater decision-makers require a cost-effective solution

As the U.S. economy improves, attention is turning to restoring nationwide infrastructure that has long been neglected. This deterioration is not limited to roads and highways; it also includes the vast majority of municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in the country, which are 20 years old or more. Aging equipment, more stringent permit requirements and community growth are forcing municipalities to squeeze more than ever from their existing facilities. For most municipalities, the answer is going to be a retrofit/rehab strategy.

Regardless of the size of the need, municipalities will be looking for a way to get their repairs or upgrades with the least impact on local taxpayers. In evaluating options, the most likely way to achieve a cost-effective outcome is to find a company who can work as a partner and who can provide the municipality with a total, turnkey solution.

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What to look for in a Solution Partner ‚Äč

Because needs vary, and not all suppliers can fit all needs, many wastewater treatment companies and contractors offer services that execute projects from point A to point B, but often they can’t handle the inevitable detours that crop up along the way — detours that are outside the defined project scope. When this happens, facility managers often have to step in to coordinate, negotiate, and mitigate the unforeseen. Costs rise. Delays happen. These outcomes can be avoided by choosing a partner with the bandwidth to handle unforeseen circumstances. The desired skill set includes biological process expertise, engineering capabilities, project management capabilities, fabrication capabilities, construction capabilities, commissioning capabilities, and service capabilities. One such company is Evoqua Water Technologies, a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment equipment and services. Evoqua’s DAVCO™ brand products and services provide a full service solution with expertise, capabilities, and resources that delivers total turnkey solutions for municipal wastewater treatment plant retrofit/rehab needs. Located in Thomasville, Georgia, Evoqua’s DAVCO line can provide the expertise needed to complete a project from start to finish and provide support, regardless of un-foreseen circumstances.

Partnering With Evoqua

Utilities, Inc. located in Longwood, Florida was faced with challenges that many small municipalities face in restoring wastewater treatment infrastructure: unique requirements, unexpected changes, and a limited budget. Their best option turned out to be from Evoqua’s DAVCO™ product line, to meet their requirements with a total turnkey solution. Key to the success of the project was Evoqua’s ability to work as a partner with Utilities Inc. to meet overall goals and prepare for the future.